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13 Month CD 1.50% (1.51% APY)

25 Month CD 1.76% (1.77% APY)

50 Month CD 2.32% (2.34% APY)

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assumes principal and interest remain on deposit for the term of the certificate.  All interest payments for the APY will be made at the end of the term or annually, whichever occurs first.  Penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal.  Fees could reduce earnings on the account.

$1,000 minimum opening deposit up to a maximum of $250,000.  The entire balance must be new money, funds not previously on deposit at Citizens Bank within the past six months. 

This offer is subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time.

Offer good for the initial term only.  CD is automatically renewed for the same term.  The rate is determined based on the published rate for the CD, excluding CD Specials, that is closest to but not exceeding the term of the CD.  Advertised rate and APY are offered at the Bank’s discretion and may change daily.

FDIC insured to the maximum allowed by law. 


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