President’s Message

Dr. Deborah A. Cole
President’s Message

Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company holds a premier place in history due to its heritage and the fact that it is the country’s oldest continuously operating minority-owned and operated bank. We are committed to handling the needs of our customers; therefore, we constantly strive to become better at operations and providing a variety of quality services and products through a friendly and competent staff.

Improving the bank’s technology is a priority. Along with our other services, we offer online banking, telephone banking, and the the ability to open accounts online.

We strongly feel that our increased investments in technology will yield profitability, customer satisfaction, growth and a stronger bank. Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company continues to grow and has a full-service Branch facility in the Kroger Store at 3930 Clarksville Hwy, Nashville, TN 37218 and at 7444 Winchester Road STE 105, Memphis TN 38125.

It is our goal to provide other locations convenient to our customers. In addition, we have a competent and well-trained staff prepared to serve you at our Main Office and each of our branch locations.